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Let the people you follow choose the best new tweets and users.

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Here's how Macaw works.

We pull a list of all the people you follow.

For example, Ryan Hoover follows 1,927 people across multiple industries and geographies.

We track what tweets they like throughout the day.

If a lot of people who you follow a particular tweet, we assume it's pretty interesting or relevant.


We give you a feed with the most-liked tweets.

These are tweets your network liked, so you'll see a lot of tweets you would never have seen otherwise.

And then we do the same thing for users.

We do the same thing for users — if a lot of people you follow suddenly start following some user, it's probably someone who should be on your radar.

Use cases

You're tired of new Twitter apps, we get it. Here's why Macaw is useful.

Summarize what you missed

Much like Nuzzel does for links, reviewing Macaw at the end of the day should give you a good idea of what your network thought was interesting today.

Diversify the people you follow

Your network cumulatively follows of hundreds of thousands of people — how can you sort through everyone? Macaw shows you popular new follows.

Spot hidden social signals in your network

You'd be surprised what content surfaces when looked at likes and follows in aggregate. An investor's new deal, an upcoming acquisition — all show up.

(Fake) Testimonials

"I'm moving all 3,372 of our employees onto Russian bot prevention efforts. It's not worth building an official app when you have apps like Macaw."

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter on Q2 earnings call

"All 451 slides of my 2019 internet trends report are about Macaw — it's that good."

Mary Meeker, venture capitalist

"With Macaw, I can source hundreds of deals myself. That's why I fired every other investor here at Social Capital."

Chamath Palihapitiya, Founder and CEO of Social Capital

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Oh — and if you like Macaw but want to track the likes and follows of specific users (rather than your whole Twitter network), then you're gonna love Daily 140.